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As a burgeoning education consulting company, we are excited to expand our horizons by establishing partnerships with universities from around the globe. In our pursuit of diverse opportunities, we proudly present a selection of international universities that broaden the spectrum of educational possibilities. Take a moment to explore our offerings and discover the world of opportunities that await
Discover the World of International Higher Education in Malaysia with Movementor Education. Malaysia has emerged as a compelling alternative to traditional study destinations like Australia, the USA, or Canada. Its diverse academic landscape offers an array of program possibilities, including unique pathway programs that allow students to spend time in Malaysia and complete their studies in countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, or the UK.
Movementor Education, in close collaboration with quality universities, including esteemed institutions like Inti International Universities – consistently ranked within the top 500 universities of QS rankings – brings you unparalleled educational opportunities.


Thailand Universities are ranked among the world’s best for 20 of the subjects covered by the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017, including several engineering disciplines, hospitality, modern languages, chemistry, biological sciences, pharmacy, and medicine.

Living in Thailand is remarkably cheap due to foreign currency exchanges and a modest standard of living. Bear in mind, however, that living costs vary wildly depending on whether you live close to the city centre. If you choose to live with other students or in a shared apartment your expenditure will again be cut. Food in Thailand is another inexpensive pleasure.

We all know that most of what we learn does not come from teachers. One of the most valuable sources of learning is your fellow students. A great source of learning that makes you a truly multi-cultural student and allows for developing your personal international network. That’s one of the biggest long-term benefits.

Thailand’s culture is rich and deep, and study abroad programs in Thailand with long-standing connections to communities provide the opportunity for you to interact with locals in ways that you wouldn’t be able to as a tourist. Integrate yourself into communities during your study abroad program and you’ll experience first-hand the way Thais live.