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Movementor Education is an education consulting company based in Central Kerala, India. The company offers services to students and educators alike. The right opportunity along with right information matters in all walks of life. To make a choice, we need to be aware of the opportunities available globally. It provides admission support for universities, language training and learning enhancement programs with a focus on facilitating higher education opportunities abroad.

Higher education in South Asia is evolving and is not quite ready for the needs of today. It is in this context, Movementor education comes in as a true mentor to the students and their families.

As a company, it brings universities around the world on to one platform where students can choose the programs which they want to study within the resources they have. By doing so the company supports the individual and the country at large.

Spending time in a foreign country for education opens new horizons for the students. Sharing classrooms with students from various parts of the world helps them to be prepared for a new world experiences. At the core of the company is a group of experienced global leaders with a passion to make a difference in the lives of people they meet and interact.

Mr. Stenson Johny, one of the founders of the company has a decade-long work experience with education management sector in South & South East Asia. Mr. Jose Manoj, managing director of the company is a John Maxwell certified trainer from the United States who is a household name for most of the educational institutions in central Kerala. With an experienced team, universities and students can have a brand they can trust for their higher education needs..

With a clarity of vision which is “Affordable Higher Education for All” Movementor Education strives to be a beacon of hope for students and society at large..

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