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About us

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Movementor Education promotes International Education and mentors students to find suitable careers.  Education, especially international education, can change individuals, and through them, the history of humanity. At movementor, we are excited about this idea and firmly believe every student should consider the prospects of studying abroad at least once in their lifetime.

An education consultant’s need arises when the students need help in understanding what is best for them. For this, personalised mentoring is necessary with inputs from clinical phycologists, carrer experts and academic leaders. And this painstaking effort to make sure that the advice that we give to the students is helping them in the future is what makes us different.

Studying abroad, which once was considered something meant for the highly affluent in society. But in the recent past, the scenario has changed with new affordable destinations, scholarships and flexible financing options by the banks. There are educational destinations worldwide that are at par with the quality of education in the Big Five countries (Australia, UK, US, Canada & New Zealand) with a cost of education in India. At movementor, we are determined to take international education to more countries beyond the traditional destinations.

Being an education consultant is a lot of responsibility. When students reach out to us for advice, they are trusting us with their future. Hence, we take our research seriously by constantly improving our knowledge base about destinations, future careers, and academia. We do not claim to know everything under the sun, and we encourage our team members to keep learning.

“I wish there were someone to guide us when we were young” is something we hear from young adults every day.  Hence, we are on a mission to make sure that every student gets the opportunity to discuss and get help in shaping their future.

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Our vision is to build a global platform for promoting international higher education and guiding students to achieve their career and life goals.

To practice and excel in a student-centric approach to international education consulting by constantly updating our knowledge on study destinations, academic trends, future career options and adopting advanced tools to lead our students towards greatness.

About us

Why choose us

Movementor is an education consulting company built upon a very clear vision and mission as we can contribute to an educated global society that is more tolerant and open. We are providers of International Education counselling and support services to facilitate the admission and visa processing for aspiring students, so they may attain an International qualification from a reputed and recognized International institution.  Providing value added services to our students and partner institutions to get their best and obtain official representation status from internationally renowned Institutions across the globe. We offer  guidance and advise students to select most appropriate programs and Institutions suitable to their academic qualifications and assist them in admission formalities.
Our counsellors give comprehensive solutions for searching programs, identifying Institutions, improving language proficiency, facilitating applications, scholarships & funding, visa assistance, pre-departure preparations, travel arrangements, accommodations and post-landing services.

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Our Story

Human beings are on a constant move towards excellence. This deep desire brings out the best in us; often, this process is painful but rewarding. If the early humans moved from place to place to meet the necessities of life, the modern man looks for meaning and purpose in life. International Education has drawn young people from different parts of the world to discover themselves and change history. Whether it is a Mahatma Gandhi (law degree from the University College London) or an Elon Musk (Physics degree from Wharton School), International Education has provided these great men and women with a better perspective on life and the future. At Movementor, we believe this experience will bring out the best in our students too. Our key team members who have worked with universities around the world believe in the idea of empowering the young through International Education and thereby creating a better world.

Our Values

We understand that each student’s aspirations and goals are different, and to help them achieve the goals, we walk with them as a true mentor.

As a consulting company advising and acting on behalf of our students, transparency is essential. We keep the students and our university partners informed about the applications at hand.

When a student allows us to serve them, they are trusting us with their future, and we cherish and do everything in our power to honour and value the trust in us.

We takes our company ideals high, and anything which is out of the framework, no matter how difficult it is for us, we will abide by it.

International Education space is constantly evolving, and it is essential to be in the know-how of the developments with Universities, study destinations and academia. We are continually learning and sharing the same with our students.


Education management professional with more than a decade in international student recruitment and International Education consulting

Stenson Johny

Director, Education Consulting
Manoj is a professional trainer with certifications from John Maxwell Institute, Florida and Haggai Institute, Hawaii, USA. He conducts soft skills training and corporate training around the world.

Manoj P Jose

Managing Director, Movementor Destinations Private Limited
As a senior member of our team, Jorphin is someone we look forward to when we need a wise man to navigate the complex world of business and career.

Jorphin Pettah

Life Coach
Management professional with consulting experience in India and the Middle East, Gijo heads our student admissions and visa compliance team.
Gijo Jose

Gijo Jose

Senior, Education Consultant
Reshma is an experienced Finance professional with more than nine years of international exposure in Southeast Asia. Post her MBA, Finance from the Assumption University of Thailand

Reshma Jerome

Finance Consultant
Anu, a Member of the British Psychological Society and a trained psychologist focusing on Education, is vital to the company's urge to be more than an Education consulting company.

Anu Varghese