UK is the new Canada. Here’s Why?

After being the most sort after destination by international students for quite a while now, Canada has a new challenger to claim the title.

Yes, it’s the good old United Kingdom.

Here’s WHY

The country which has one of the most well-known premier universities in the world was forced to take a back seat after the 2011’s controversial decision by Theresa May to veto the two-year extension on the TIER 4 student visa for foreign students. In 2017, UK universities saw a 50% drop in Indian students alone. However, very recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson reinstated the two-year work visa, by the creation of a new immigration route. This new route will enable international students to remain in the UK for two years after they have completed their studies. Experts in the industry say that this new change in policy will also reinstate the UK’s position as one of the most sought after destinations for higher education.

Here’s what’s CHANGED

According to The Guardian, “Currently, graduates with bachelor’s or master’s degrees are allowed to look for work for only four months. From next year all international graduates could qualify for a two-year period to work in the UK, increasing their chances of finding long-term employment after studying.”

At present, the government line is that “any student who is set to graduate from summer 2021 onwards should be eligible for post-study work”, confirmed Vivienne Stern at Universities UK International.


Students enrolling for the January 2020 intake, who wish to take advantage of the 2 year post study work visa, should opt for a course with a duration not less than 2 years. This ensures that they become eligible to apply for the 2 year extension after successfully completing their studies.

Here’s MORE

To learn more about the new graduate immigration route please visit the official UK Home Office’s blog at:

By Gijo Jose, Education Consultant – Movementor Education.