Why private German universities may cut you a better ‘Deal’

Germany is known to be a great higher education destination for South Asian students. One of the recent development in Germany is the rise of Private sector universities. Since private education is fully funded by the student and the public universities by the public money, students often ask why to go for private universities. Here are the few factors we think why students should consider  private universities in Germany.

Smaller classroom sizes

Public universities have larger theatre-style classrooms seating anywhere from 200-300 students. It is reported that students often find it difficult to connect with the lecture and finally end up tuning out and are turned off.

Whereas private college classrooms usually seat 50-60 students and provide a better learning environment, where the professors can interact with the students on a one to one basis, making classes more engaging and less of a chore. Students also tend to get individualized attention and professors are more accessible meaning it’s easier to get in touch with them when you need assistance after class.

Accommodation services

Many private universities assist students in their search for accommodation in the campus vicinity. Services such as this is a rarity in public universities since the number of students they would have to cater is huge and often impractical.

Post-study Job assistance

Finding a suitable job and building a successful career tops the priority list of every student after graduation. Employers tend to value candidates from public universities slightly more owing to the higher level of academic credentials of students who get admitted to public universities. However, in recent years private universities are gaining a stronger reputation among employers and their study programs can offer you a great deal of employability.

In the context of a rapidly changing and unstable world, many private universities strive to remain competitive by ensuring employability of their students through value addition strategies such as job readiness workshops, industry collaborations and more.
Additionally, some private universities provide exceptional placement assistance to help students land the right job to take off their career.

Ultimately, the sustainability of private universities depend on the quality of students they churn out each year and students benefit out of this ecosystem.


Yes, affordability and private universities don’t usually go together, especially compared to German public universities. But with the growing number of private universities providing scholarships each year, Germany has become the hot new destination for international students.

By: Gijo Jose Nereparambil